PolyMic Diamond Powders


Description: The detonation process manufactures polycrystalline micron diamond powders and uniquely improves surface finish with no sub-surface damage. Available in size range of 0-0.2 to 6-12 microns. 

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PolyMic diamond powders is a polycrystalline micron diamond manufactured by the detonation process, and we are one of the few companies in the world to offer the PolyMic range in our portfolio. This unique product breaks down readily during use, providing increased productivity and an improved surface finish with no sub-surface damage. It is available in the size range 0-0.2 to 6-12 micron.  


The production cycle for the PolyMic diamond powder involves a series of discrete processes: 

  • Detonation synthesis 
  • Wet chemical purification 
  • Hydration, de-agglomeration, cleaning, washing 
  • Splitting, grading, sizing, and segregation: high speed centrifugation for sizes below 2 micron and sedimentation for sizes above. 
  • Drying and crushing (where necessary).


Each batch is put through a rigorous QC process, involving 

  • Element analysis 
  • SEM – Particle morphology and shape 
  • X-Ray diffraction – Diamond content 
  • Specific surface area – Purity and size 
  • Particle size distribution – Size quantification
  • Density – Diamond content & purity 
  • Conductivity – Surface purity.


Examples of processing applications include: 

  • R, A, and C plane sapphire 
  • Silicon carbide 
  • Calcium fluoride 
  • Silicon nitride
  • Zinc sellenide.

This product line is an expansion of our Hyperion Materials & Technologies Ireland offerings helping you find the right fit for your tool application. Contact your local Hyperion salesperson for expertise in selecting the micron diamond best suited to solve your needs. 

Hyperion also manufactures a range of CBN Mesh, micron CBN Powders, and high-quality mesh diamonds. 

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