PDS™ Diamond Abrasives

Grinding_PDS Diamond

Type: Synthetic mesh diamond powder 

Description: PDS Diamond Abrasives are a versatile, multi-purpose superabrasive utilized in grinding, polishing and lapping workpieces to create high-performance tools for a wide variety of applications. 

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What is a PDS Diamond Abrasive?


PDS diamond abrasives are superabrasives that excel at grinding and polishing demanding applications, especially in high-volume scenarios. Toolmakers benefit from PDS diamonds' optimized performance solutions, enabling them to create stock tools across different applications with a balanced profile of abrasives. The PDS range offers added assurance even in varying materials and conditions due to half-life tumbling impact (TI) testing and a unique blending process. This process allows for more variability within each batch while the crystals remain tightly controlled within the consolidated TI specs.

Craving adaptability, toolmakers choose PDS diamond abrasives for their wider operating windows. These abrasives mitigate production risks, guaranteeing consistent mass output even with material and condition fluctuations. PDS diamonds empower toolmakers to balance performance and tool life, particularly in applications like asphalt and drilling with variable media.

PDS diamond abrasives enable toolmakers to expand their market by creating single tools that conquer diverse media applications. This is achieved through strategically selected grits, all meticulously chosen to deliver a targeted TI value. For toolmakers crafting stock tools, PDS diamonds offer a balanced solution that performs effectively across various media and cutting processes.

Beyond the standard PDS range, Hyperion caters to niche applications by offering customizable PDS diamond abrasives. Toolmakers can tailor crystal properties like toughness, shape, size, coatings, and surface treatments to achieve their unique performance goals, creating highly specialized tools that perfectly match their needs.



PDS Mesh / FEPA Size Availability 


Mesh Sizes and Shapes

Mesh Size
(FEPA Size)
18/20 (D1001) 20/25 (D851) 20/30 (D852) 25/30 (D711) 25/35 (D712) 30/35 (D601) 30/40 (D602) 35/40 (D501) 35/45 (D502) 40/50 (D427) 45/50 (D356) 45/60 (D357) 60/70 (D251) 60/80 (D252) 70/80 (D213)
PDS 595
PDS 590
PDS 585
PDS 580
PDS 575
PDS 570
PDS 565
PDS 560
PDS 550
PDS 540  
PDS 530       ✔ 
PDS 520      
PDS 510       ✔ 


Product Details (Additional): 


For additional convenience, Hyperion also offers a global network of sales, customer service, and technical support experts to help guide customers throughout the entire process. Within customer support, Hyperion provides testing, fabrication, and application development support through its R&D center in Worthington, Ohio. 

Hyperion also offers MBS Diamonds for mass tooling solutions, MBG diamonds for glass applications, MBH diamonds for metalworking applications, and RVG diamonds for grinding non-ferrous materials. Discover the diamond abrasive materials that best suit your machining needs.