Thermal Fatigue

Consequences of Thermal Fatigue in Hot Rolling Metals

Thermal fatigue is the enemy of all roll materials for hot rolling. It causes cracks, which combined with corrosion and abrasive wear, shorten the service life of the passforms.

As the thermal conductivity of cemented tungsten carbide is twice that of steel or cast iron, it is extremely important that efficient cooling is provided.

Minimize Cracking Progress

Hyperion thermal fatigue

The phenomenon of cracking in the roll passform is a fact of life. However, its progress can be checked and poor effects can be minimized if you:

  • Provide adequate cooling (example image)
  • Schedule regrinding at correct intervals
  • Avoid overfilling
  • Use the correct cemented carbide grade.

The profitable use of cemented tungsten carbide rolls also depends on the training and commitment of the staff involved. Hyperion Materials & Technologies takes an active part in on-site training in roll maintenance, problem identification, and solution suggestions. Contact your Hyperion sales person for help dealing with thermal fatigue.


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