NanoEndure and MonoEndure Diamond Suspensions

NanoEndure and MonoEndure Diamond Suspensions

Hyperion Code: NanoEndure/MonoEndure 

Application: Nickel metal plating (increases corrosion resistance & micro hardness and reduces friction) 

Description: De-ionized water-based diamond suspensions enhance the properties of plated wear-resistant coatings of abrasive products. It specializes in polycrystalline diamonds and monocrystalline diamonds. 

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NanoEndure and MonoEndure are de-ionized water-based diamond suspensions. Each specializes in two distinct diamond types: polycrystalline nanodiamonds in the NanoEndure range and Monocrystalline micron diamonds in the MonoEndure range. 

NanoEndure and MonoEndure products differ from all other Hyperion products because they enhance the properties of plated wear-resistant coatings instead of an abrasive product. As a result, they are particularly suited to inclusion in hard chrome and electroless and electrolytic nickel plating. An additional benefit to metal plating applications utilizing NanoEndure or MonoEndure diamond suspensions are: 

  • Increased micro hardness & hence wear resistance 
  • Increased coating corrosion resistance 
  • Improved coating grain structure 
  • Reduced friction 


What are Diamond Suspensions


A diamond suspension is a liquid containing small solid particles but not dissolved. Optimal nanodiamond products cannot be delivered as a loose powder and must be supplied as a suspension. 

At Hyperion Materials & Technologies, we develop and supply NanoEndure or MonoEndure offerings for all tool applications. Our high level of skills involves specializing in surface chemistry, which controls the small particle diamonds and, because of managing the cluster or particle size distribution, providing surface tension of the carrier liquid, the diamonds do not agglomerate nor settle. 

This product line is an expansion of our Hyperion material & technologies Ireland offerings helping you find the right fit for your tool application. Contact your local Hyperion salesperson for expertise in selecting the diamond suspension best suited to solve your needs. 

Hyperion also manufactures a range of CBN Mesh, micron CBN Powders, and high-quality mesh diamonds. 

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