BZN M6500.png

Type: Full Round Blanks and Cut Tips

Number of Grades: 2

Description: PCBN grade significantly improves performance due to finer grain sizes and higher content of cBN. M6500 is suggested for machining valve seats, transmission components, and CV joints.


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Hyperion Materials & Technologies has designed a highly concentrated cBN grade for hardened steel machining called BZN M6500. BZN M6500 significantly improves machining performance and improves sinter quality and binder dispersion. It reduces the flank wear groove width, produces fine surface finishes, provides superior impact strength, and delivers consistent and repeatable machining performance. 

BZN M6500 is designed to improve the edge toughness of hardened steels, which results in outstanding edge quality and retention. It contains 90% cBN content with a 1-micron average grain size, a carbide-backed format, and is EDM cuttable. M6500 is also offered in full rounds and cut tips with a 58mm usable diameter and is recommended for use in the following applications:

  • Sintered alloy machining
  • Cast iron machining
  • Severe interrupted machining of hardened steel
  • Tool/die steel machining
  • Superalloy finish turning