Diamond and Coating Solutions

Composite Diamond Coating (CDC)

Hyperion Materials & Technologies' cemented carbide wear parts offer premium wear protection independent of wear coatings; however, for those products made from steel or aluminum, we offer advanced protection through our proprietary wear coatings. Hyperion's Composite Diamond Coatings (CDC) is the premier wear coating protection available and can be applied to any shape with no line of sight.

CDC is a hard metal alloy with fine particles of diamond dispersed throughout the metal matrix. Diamond's incredible wear resistance has revolutionized a great number of technical key applications over time. For components needing an extra layer of protection against harsh elements, we offer advanced protection through our proprietary wear coating process. Composite diamond coatings is the premier wear coating protection available and can be applied to any shape.

Lives of parts and systems are significantly extended after application of Hyperion's CDC.

Hyperion's proprietary process of CDC offers a practical and economical option to strengthen the wear properties of parts and systems by coating them with diamond. In principle, any part that is exposed to harmful and costly effects of various wear modes will benefit from a protective composite diamond coating.


  • Diamond hardness surpasses all other materials
  • Perfect uniformity even on most complex part geometries
  • Not limited to line-of-sight applications
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Extremely strong adhesion to most metals
  • Smooth and polishable surfaces
  • Extended life of base part – coating can be stripped and replated
  • Environmentally friendly – no chrome, over 40% less metal in matrix
  • Vast savings potential through coating of less costly substrates for material substitution.



Versimax™ is Hyperion Materials & Technologies' patented silicon carbide and polycrystalline diamond (PCD) composite with superior wear resistance, high strength, and high temperature performance. Versimax has hardness, strength, and toughness approaching that of cobalt-sintered PCD but provides superior thermal stability. The ceramic bonded composite is impervious to most corrosives. We partner with our customers to improve performance and develop solutions for their wear part applications.


Typical Products

  • Nozzles
  • Grinding center
  • Dressing tool
  • Tools with simple and complicated geometries



  • Thermally stable up to 1400°C as Versimax does not contain the interstitial cobalt catalyst present in sintered PCD.
  • Versimax can retain 90% of its strength after high temperature exposure, unlike PCD which cracks at temperatures over 700°C.
  • Enhanced properties: excellent abrasion resistance and electrical conductivity.


Custom Fabrication

Versimax is available in custom sizes and shapes prepared according to your specifications. Most parts are produced using electrical discharge machining (EDM) methods (wire or solid electrode), with some parts requiring minor finish grinding. Both simple shapes (cylinders, rectangular, triangular prisms, etc.) and more complicated geometries (conical shapes, hollow cylinders, negative features, etc.) can be produced. Versimax can be attached to tungsten carbide or steel by furnace brazing. Tools can also be produced by press fitting, heat shrink fitting, adhesive bonding, or mechanical fixturing.


Your Hyperion salesperson can offer their expertise in selecting the cemented carbide and wear part best suited to solve your needs.

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