Compax™ - PCD (carbide supported)

Hyperion Self-supported Compax PCD

Hyperion Code: Compax™

Wire Material: Various

Description: The polycrystalline diamond (PCD) core is integrally bonded to a cemented tungsten carbide support ring. Grades are available with diamond grain sizes ranging from 3 to 50 micron and with dimensional sizing from D-12 to D-36.

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Product Description

  • All blanks contain metal catalyst in PCD structure
  • Do not exceed 700°C in die mounting operations
  • Electrically conductive: diamond core may be pierced using EDM, laser, ultrasonic, or needle methods
  • Profiling of die geometry is normally performed using shaped needles with electrical discharge machining (EDM) or ultrasonic machines with diamond abrasives.



  • Diamond micron powder grade SJK-5 or GMM coating series recommended for final die bore shaping and polishing
  • For superior polish, use 0.25 μm or 0.5 μm graded diamond fines.

Recommended Applications

25 μm and 50 μm Grain Sizes

  • Intermediate and rod break down drawing of copper, aluminum, and other nonferrous materials.

5 μm and 25 μm Grain Sizes

  • Nonferrous and ferrous intermediate and fine wires. Applications where superior surface quality is a must.

3 μm and 5 μm Grain Sizes

  • Nonferrous and ferrous wire in finer sizes.
  • Critical surface finish applications.


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*PCD is manufactured from synthetic diamond.