Power Skiving Blanks

Specialized tools that combine hobbing and shaping operations are versatile and productive for making internal and external gears.

Power skiving blanks are specialized tools for producing internal and external gears. They are especially effective for machining internal gears. Power skiving blanks combine the principles of both hobbing and shaping to make high-precision gears, splines, and other complex tooth profiles.

Power skiving blanks are designed to fit into a tool holder of any CNC machine, making it a low-cost investment. Typically made from carbide or high-speed steel (HSS), power skiving blanks feature cutting edges that correspond to the tooth shape required for the specific gear or spline being produced. Hyperion manufactures carbide power skiving blanks that can withstand the high cutting forces involved in power skiving, last longer, and produce more parts before they must be resharpened.

The process of using power skiving blanks is extremely versatile and fast, increasing productivity in gear manufacturing. This process offers improved quality at a lower cost and is 4 to 10 times more product than shaping. It is a low-cost, high-speed, effective alternative to conventional gear-cutting methods.


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Product Groups

Type: Power Skiving Blank

Dimensions: as per drawing/requested

Description: Power skiving blanks manufactured to custom dimensions in accordance with agreed solution. Cemented carbide grades and designs are tailored to each customer based on individual needs and requirements.


Power Skiving Blanks Applications


Power skiving blanks offer a highly efficient method for manufacturing gears and splines for various industries, including automotive, aerospace, robotics, and general machinery. For example, power skiving is commonly used for manufacturing gear components in automotive transmissions, such as synchronizer rings, planetary gears, and differential gears.

Along with automotive parts, power skiving blanks are used for power tools, such as angle grinders and drills, landing gear systems, aircraft engines, surgical instruments, and robotic systems. Power skiving blanks offer a highly productive, accurate, and flexible option suitable for industries requiring efficient gear manufacturing.


Why Power Skiving Blanks


Power skiving provides several advantages over traditional machining processes such as shaping or broaching. Some key benefits include high productivity, improved accuracy, enhanced flexibility, and cost savings. In addition, power skiving blanks help produce gears faster over other methods with precise control over tooth profile and dimensional accuracy.

FAQ about Power Skiving Blanks

What are power skiving blanks?

Power skiving blanks are specialized tools used to manufacture gears. They consist of solid carbide arbor mounts, shanks, and rings. Power skiving is a cutting operation that combines the principles of both hobbing and shaping to produce high-precision gears, splines, and other components with complex tooth profiles.

What are power skiving blanks used for?

Power skiving blanks are processed into tools that can be easily installed on a traditional CNC machine to manufacture gears. Power skiving tools are particularly effective for internal gear machining.

What are the advantages of using power skiving blanks?

There are several advantages tool manufacturers receive when using power skiving blanks, which include:

  • Low investment – Power skiving tools fit into any traditional CNC machine and are ready to machine gears. There is no need to purchase a special gear-cutting machine.

  • High productivity - Power skiving blanks can produce gears faster than traditional methods.

  • Improved accuracy - Power skiving blanks allow precise control over tooth profiles and dimensional accuracy.

  • Enhanced flexibility - Power skiving blanks create various tooth profiles, including complex forms.

  • Cost savings - Power skiving blanks are a cost-effective method for gear manufacturing, especially for small to medium-sized batches.

What tooth profiles can be achieved with power skiving blanks?

Power skiving blanks can produce a wide range of tooth profiles, including spur gears, helical gears, internal gears, and complex forms like serrations or asymmetric teeth.

In what industries are power skiving blanks commonly used?

Power skiving is commonly used for manufacturing gear components in automotive transmissions, such as synchronizer rings, planetary gears, and differential gears. Other components include power tools, aerospace engines, and medical devices. Automotive, aerospace, robotics, and general machinery are common industries that utilize power-skiving gears.

Can power skiving blanks extend the life of the tool?

Power skiving blanks can extend the life of tools by providing proper cutting parameters, such as cutting speed and feed rates.

Can you extend the life of power skiving blanks?

Yes, it is possible to extend the life of power skiving blanks. Regular inspection, maintenance, and reconditioning of the blanks are required to help prolong their useful life.

What considerations are important when selecting power skiving blanks?

When selecting power skiving blanks, several factors need to be considered in choosing the best material for your solution. Factors include the desired tooth profile, material compatibility with the workpiece, tool life, cutting speed, and feed rates. Additionally, you should also consider the tool application's specific requirements and expected batch size.