Borazon™ CBN Metal Bond Systems

Hyperion Borazon CBN 510 cubic boron nitride (CBN)

Hyperion Code: Borazon 550(Ti)/510

Grading: Mesh/FEPA

Description: CBN crystals tailored for metal bond systems. Both uncoated and coated crystals are available.

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Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures a wide range of Borazon™ cubic boron nitrides (CBN), including the following metal bond products. We also manufacture a unique range of crystal coatings and surface treatments to enhance crystal retention and performance characteristics. 


Borazon™ CBN 510
(Density 3.52 – 3.68 g/cm3; metal content 1.5 – 18.5%)
Hyperion Borazon CBN 510   Hyperion Borazon CBN 510
This product has a Borazon CBN 500 base with a titanium treatment that is bonded to the surface of the crystal, forming nitrides, and diborides. Particle retention is enhanced in many impregnated metal bond systems. This titanium treatment also improves wetting and bond strength of single-layer, vacuum-brazed tools.​


Borazon™ CBN 550
(Density 3.48 g/cm3)
Hyperion Borazon CBN 550   Hyperion Borazon CBN 550
The fracture strength of this extremely tough product is the highest of any CBN product. Its shape, surface texture, and consistent toughness make it ideal for demanding high removal rate applications while providing good surface finish. Borazon CBN 550 is widely used in metal and vacuum braze bond systems for honing and grinding.​


Borazon™ CBN 550 Ti
(Density 3.48 g/cm3)
Hyperion Borazon CBN 550 Ti   Hyperion Borazon CBN 550 Ti
Borazon CBN 550 Ti is a titanium-coated version of Borazon CBN 550. It provides greater retention in metal bonds for improved honing performance.

Metal Bond Borazon CBN Mesh Size Availability

US Mesh (FEPA) 550/550 Ti 510
20/30 (B852)  
30/40 (B602)  
40/50 (B427)
50/60 (B301)
60/80 (B252)
80/100 (B181)
100/120 (B151)
120/140 (B126)
140/170 (B107)
170/200 (B91)
200/230 (B76)
230/270 (B64)
270/325 (B54)
325/400 (B46)
400/500 (none)

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In addition to metal bond systems, Hyperion also offers:


Your Hyperion salesperson can offer their expertise in selecting the mesh CBN best suited to solve your needs.


Hyperion also manufactures a range of micron CBN powders and micron diamond powders as well as high quality mesh diamonds.