Borazon™ CBN Vitrified Bond Systems

Hyperion's Borazon CBN Type I for vitrified bond systems

Hyperion Code: Borazon VBR/400/1000/Type I/SPS1

Grading: Mesh/FEPA

Description: CBN crystals tailored for vitrified bond systems. Both uncoated and coated crystals are available.

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Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures a wide range of Borazon™ cubic boron nitrides (CBN), including the following vitrified bond products.  We manufacture a unique range of crystal coatings and surface treatments to enhance crystal retention and performance characteristics.


Borazon™ CBN VBR
(Density 3.48 g/cm3)

Hyperion Borazon CBN VBR Borazon CBN VBR is the newest addition to the Borazon CBN family. This sharp, truncated tetrahedral-shaped, brown Borazon CBN is designed for vitreous bond grinding wheel systems and provides outstanding life in aerospace grinding of superalloy materials.


Borazon™ CBN 400
(Density 3.48 g/cm3)

Hyperion Borazon CBN 400 The fracture strength (toughness) of Borazon CBN 400 is slightly less than that of Borazon CBN 500. Its shape and unique fracture characteristics provide extended wheel life and low grinding power. Borazon CBN 400 is ideally suited for automotive cam and crank shaft grinding applications and ID/OD grinding of tools and dies among other applications.


Borazon™ CBN 1000
(Density 3.48 g/cm3)

Hyperion Borazon CBN 1000 Borazon CBN 1000 provides high-performance in vitreous bond applications. Medium fracture strength, high thermal stability, and sharp, angular crystal shapes provide increased performance and grinding efficiency in automotive, aerospace, and other production grinding applications.


Borazon™ CBN Type I
(Density 3.48 g/cm3)

Hyperion Borazon CBN Type I Borazon CBN Type I has a black, semi-tough, semi-blocky monocrystal that is extensively used in vitreous bonding wheel systems. Optimum balance of fracture strength and breakdown characteristics enhance wheel life, surface finish and dressing interval.


Borazon™ CBN SP1S
(Density 3.48 g/cm3)

Hyperion Borazon CBN SP1S Borazon CBN SP1S is a general purpose black CBN crystal with medium toughness and fracture characteristics. It is suitable for vitreous bond grinding wheel systems in value-oriented applications.

Vitrified Borazon CBN Mesh Size Availability

US Mesh (FEPA) VBR 400 1000 Type I SP1S
20/30 (B852)          
30/40 (B602)          
40/50 (B427)          
50/60 (B301)          
60/80 (B252)
80/100 (B181)
100/120 (B151)
120/140 (B126)
140/170 (B107)
170/200 (B91)
200/230 (B76)
230/270 (B64)
270/325 (B54)
325/400 (B46)
400/500 (none)  

✔ Standard     ● Special (please consult your sales representative)


In addition to vitrified bond systems, Hyperion also offers:


Your Hyperion salesperson can offer their expertise in selecting the mesh CBN best suited to solve your needs.


Hyperion also manufactures a range of micron CBN powders and micron diamond powders as well as high quality mesh diamonds.