Micron Diamond Powder Overview

Hyperion Materials & Technologies' diamond micron powders are created in a single, continuous manufacturing process. Starting with the highest quality of raw materials, we use advanced engineering methods to manufacture industrial diamonds with specific characteristics of strength and toughness. State-of-the-art micronizing techniques assure the diamond micron powders have precisely defined sizes, shapes, and surface properties. The result is unprecedented consistency and uniformity from the initial diamond source to the final product.




Hyperion offers image analysis capabilities to quantify shape attributes such as aspect ratio, roundness, and sphericity.



Imperfect surface chemistry can have adverse effects on the performance of micron powders including:

  • Wetting (in water or with bond materials)
  • Flowability/mixability
  • Dispersion stability
  • Susceptibility to static charge
  • Plating characteristics
  • Bond reactivity.


Our proprietary cleaning processes can limit or remove all residual inclusions/catalysts on the surface ensuring consistent performance characteristics in any application. Test results prove that Hyperion micron products are cleaner than competitive products as a result of our thorough cleaning processes and analysis methods.



Micron particles Standard particle sized distribution (PSD) analysis techniques cannot detect oversize contamination. The detection and elimination of oversize particles is crucial in applications that cannot tolerate oversize concentrations at parts-per-million (PPM) or parts-per-billion (PPB). Our proprietary oversize test is able to detect oversize particles at PPB.


Your Hyperion salesperson can offer their expertise in selecting the micron diamond powder best suited to solve your needs.


Hyperion also manufactures a range of high quality mesh diamonds as well as mesh and micron powder cubic boron nitride (CBN).


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