Benefits of Compax™

Hyperion Materials & Technologies' Compax™ polycrystalline diamond (PCD) laminated blank design combines high hardness, high abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction, and good impact resistance. The cemented tungsten carbide substrate of the blank provides mechanical support to the diamond abrasive layer, increases its impact strength, and also allows ease of braze attachment in finished tool fabrication.

Hyperion has developed a new line of Compax™ PCD, Compax2.0™.  The first grade in this new line, SE (Superior Edge), was created specifically for milling where an extra sharp edge with superior toughness is critical.


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Compax2.0™ PCD Characteristics and Applications

Compax2.0 Grade Characteristics Applications Average Grain Size (µm)

- Fine-grained PCD

- Uniform diamond distribution

- Excellent diamond to diamond bonding

- Applications that require a mirror finish

- Machining of nonferrous materials

- Machining of graphite

- Milling of aluminum (<12% Si) and machining of titanium alloys:

• Cylinder head/ engine block milling
• Phone/ tablet finishing

• Aluminum wheel finishing
• Electric motor commutator machining.



Compax PCD cutting blanks are most widely applied in machining nonferrous and nonmetallic materials. They have become a global industry standard for enhanced part quality and significant cost reductions in the overall production cycle:

  • Higher material removal rates and improved cycle times, providing more parts per shift
  • Cutting speeds significantly faster than those of conventional cutting tools
  • Highly improved workpiece quality, excellent dimensional control, consistent surface finishes, and reduced scrap
  • Longer tool life resulting in increased machine up-time, providing greater production capacity without investing in new equipment.


Compax™ PCD Characteristics and Applications

Compax Grade Characteristics Applications Average Grain Size (µm)
Compax GP - Well-sintered diamond with high abrasion resistance yet easy to grind. Perfect for wear parts.

- Guide pads for round tools

- Wear applications

Compax 1200P

- Fine grain size ideal for applications requiring ultra high surface finish

- Ideal when WEDM prepared edge is acceptable

- Titanium machining

- Low silicon aluminum machining (electronics, tablets, phones)

Compax 1600

- Ideal for applications requiring sharp cutting and good abrasion resistance

- <14% silicon aluminum alloy

- Copper, precious metals

- Wood composites

- Plastics (eye wear)

- Low silicon aluminum machining (electronics, automotive)

Compax 1300P

- General purpose

- Fine surface finishes

- <14% silicon aluminum - automotive

- Graphite, graphite composites

- Wood composites

- Green ceramics

- Copper alloy

Compax 1500P

- Longer tool life

- Ideal for instances when high abrasion resistance is critical

- >14% silicon aluminum alloy

- Metal matrix composites

- Sintered ceramics, carbides

- Bi-metal machining - Al/cast iron

- Finishing to roughing

- Sintered tungsten carbide (10 - 16% cobalt)

Compax 1800P

- Highest abrasion resistance

- Bi-modal grain structure for increased diamond percentage content

- Fiber glass, fiberboard

- Wood laminates

- >14% silicon aluminum alloy

- Metal matrix composites

- Stone sawing

- Sintered tungsten carbide (10 - 16% cobalt)



Your Hyperion salesperson can offer their expertise in selecting the Compax PCD product best suited to solve your needs.


*PCD is manufactured from synthetic diamond.