Nib Blanks - R-Series

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Hyperion Code: WDRNR

Dimensions: Imperial

Meta Description: Tungsten carbide drawing nib blanks, developed with unique and consistent grades, manufactured to support fabrication of specialized designs.


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Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures R-Series tungsten carbide nib blanks to serve the wire drawing industry. R-Series carbide nib blanks are produced from superior-quality raw material powder and made with excellent process control, creating the basis for consistent cemented carbide nib blank material. The carbide nib blanks are highly resistant to abrasion and corrosion, reducing wear and tear on dies and enabling them to last much longer.

R-Series blanks are produced in near-net shape geometries to be customized to fit the customer's needs. The high-precision nibs provide tight dimensional tolerances and perfect coaxiality at the meeting point of the die, even for the smallest of diameters. These near-net-shape standard blanks reduce the time wire die manufacturers spend grinding and polishing to finished products, improving overall productivity and saving on costs.

Hyperion offers four standard geometries, (R-Series, JIS, ISO and DIN) with the unique availability to make customized nibs that fit specific needs of customers. R-Series cemented carbide drawing nibs can be used across multiple industries and products like steel tire cords, magnet wires, fasteners, springs, cables, ferrous and non-ferrous wires and bars, and more for automotive, construction, and energy applications. With outstanding material, consistent performance, maximum die life, and unique grade compositions, R-Series nib blanks help produce the best quality wire.

R-Series nibs in cemented carbide for wire drawing dies of soft and hard materials come in the following dimensions:


Nib Type

Nib diameter (Inches) Nib Height (inches)
R-2 0.328 0.330
R-3 0.456 0.380
R-4 0.501 0.450
R-5 0.630 0.600
R-6 0.719 0.700
R-7 0.784 0.768
R-8 1.017 0.820
R-9 1.204 0.820
R-10 1.517 1.000
R-11 1.854 1.250
R-12 2.214 1.375
R-14 2.593 1.375
R-15 3.039 1.375
R-16 3.546 1.375
R-17 4.052 1.500
R-18 5.571 2.125
R-19 6.584 2.125


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Your Hyperion salesperson can offer expertise in selecting the wire die product best suited to solve your needs.

Did you know you can recycle your cemented carbide with Hyperion? Visit our recycling page or contact us for details.