Diamonds and CBN by NDP

NanoDiamond Products DAC (NDP), located in Shannon, Ireland, is now part of the Hyperion Materials & Technologies family of companies. With the acquisition of NDP, Hyperion Materials Technologies has expanded our diamond and cubic boron nitride (cBN) products to better serve our customers around the globe. NanoDiamond Products logo

We are adding a variety of synthetic monocrystalline diamonds, polycrystalline diamonds, CBN products, diamond suspensions & slurries, and polycrystalline diamonds used in sawing, grinding, lapping, honing, polishing, and other applications.

As we expand our offering, Hyperion Materials & Technologies remains focused on complete quality assurance for us and our customers. Take a look at our recent additions to our diamond and CBN portfolio.

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Mesh cBN


Cubic boron nitride (cBN) abrasives for grinding wheels and dicing blades

Mesh CBN


  • CBNMesh Electroplated Bond Systems - CBN crystals combined with electroplated bonds maintain high cutting and grinding manufacturing performance with excellent accuracy and efficiency
  • CBNMesh Metal Bond Systems - CBN crystals combined with metal bonds maintain a long useful tool life with a reduction in the frequency of dressing
  • CBNMesh Resin Bond Systems - CBN crystals combined with resin bonds enhance the tool’s performance on the material
  • CBNMesh Vitrified Bond Systems - CBN crystals combined with vitrified bonds to create a glassy or “glass bond” material best suited for rough grinding, semi-finish grinding, finish grinding, polishing, molding, and edge preparation


Micron cBN Powders 


Microcrystalline cBN powders that create improved surface integrity in the grinding of ferrous materials with exceptional thermal conductivity




  • CBNMic – Microcrystalline cBN powders designed for advanced wear-resistant characteristics provide strong performances in thermal stability, self-sharpening ability, and grinding efficiency


Mesh Diamond


Synthetic mesh diamonds manufactured with specific characteristics of strength and toughness used in fluting, grinding, and cutting applications


Hyperion MBS mesh diamond


  • SynMesh - Synthetic monocrystalline mesh-sized diamonds built with a blend of raw materials stringently tested to ensure controlled parameters in particle sizes best suited for grinding, lapping, honing, sawing, and polishing applications


Micron Diamond Powders


State-of-the-art micronizing techniques assure the diamond micron powders have precisely defined sizes, shapes, and surface properties


Hyperion Micron diamond

  • SynMic - Full-line series of synthetic monocrystalline micron diamonds designed for lapping and polishing applications for nonferrous metals, ceramics, and natural and artificial stones
  • PolyMic - Polycrystalline micron diamond powders that uniquely improve surface finish with no sub-surface damage




Diamond or cBN powder combined with a carrier or stabilizer for lapping and polishing materials


Diamond Slurry.jpg


  • NanoEndure and MonoEndure - Deionized water-based diamond suspensions enhance the properties of plated wear-resistant coatings of abrasive products




Polycrystalline diamond blanks and cut shapes for inserts and round tools for metal cutting


Hyperion polycrystalline diamond (PCD)


Contact your local Hyperion salesperson for expertise in selecting the diamond or cBN best suited for your needs.


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