Diamond Grinding TechNote

Man setting up Carbide Rod in Anca grinder Improve performance by the use of copper and silver-coated diamond in tungsten carbide (WC) flute grinding simulation tests.

The continued shift in the tool grinding market away from high-speed steel (HSS or HS) tools to WC tools is based on the demand for higher productivity. Due to high material removal rates and high precision requirements, flute grinding is one of the most important and challenging steps when manufacturing drills and milling cutters.

To meet these growing demands, we have developed innovative grinding tools in cooperation with our partners.

  • prolonging wheel life
  • increased number of parts per shift/day
  • reduced downtime associated with wheel reconditioning
  • improving quality control resulting in lower scrap rates
  • Faster grinding generating higher throughput, may also reduce capital equipment costs


In order to optimize the grinding performance, it is necessary to optimize the abrasive grain with the grinding wheel bond matrix, as well as the coolant/lubricant and grinding machine parameters. 

Flute grinding lab

Therefore, the Hyperion Materials & Technologies R&D center conducted WC flute grinding simulation tests to understand the effect of copper (Cu), silver (Ag), and nickel (Ni) coatings on RVG diamonds.

To view the results, download our Technote or contact us to schedule a consultation with one of Hyperion’s Diamond experts.


Download the TechNote

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