Carbide Rods

Cemented carbide rods, with and without coolant holes, for drills and end mills

Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures a wide range of tungsten carbide rods, now organized into the High Performance, Application Specific, and General Purpose series. Carbide rods are also known as rotary tool blanks and cutting tool blanks by many.

Our products bring to you and the metal cutting market an exclusive combination of superior cemented carbide grades and dimensional precision that provides the features and beneļ¬ts required for your demanding machining. We are also proud to set the industry standard for geometric tolerances. The use of Hyperion carbide rods means secured consistency, performance, and reliability. 

Through our recent acquisition of AFC Hartmetall, we have created a group with unparalleled product quality and assortment. Together we are able the provide a solution for all your carbide rod needs. 

Video launch.jpg  Please visit our YouTube channel and view our Carbide Rods Overview video and other videos about our products and our companies.


Product Series

High Performance Carbide Rods
Application Specific Carbide Rods
General Purpose Carbide Rods

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