Product Series and Carbide Grades


Hyperion Materials & Technologies is proud to present our three series of cemented tungsten carbide grades:

Hyperion cemented carbide rod series

Categorizing cemented carbides into these categories or series will help customers to select the optimal grades best suited for the end-use application. Hyperion offers a broad selection of grades within the three series, and selecting a grade from the most appropriate series, based on factors such as work-piece material, machining operation, and machine type, will have a major impact on results.

High Performance Series

Our premium high performance cemented carbides are uniquely designed to deliver an outstanding and reliable performance across a wide range of applications. This is due, in large part, to products in Hyperion’s High Performance Series being manufactured with exceptionally tight, industry leading specifications, delivering very consistent and repetitive behavior when machining.  These cemented carbides are the first choice for anyone looking to optimize tool life and cost in medium to large production volumes. Within the series, we offer the cemented carbide grades below.

Carbide Grade Grade Description

Hyperion H10F

Grade H10F offers superior consistency batch to batch in combination with strength, toughness, wear resistance, and edge sharpness.

Hyperion H6N

Grade H6N is recommended for rotary tool applications in the C2 (ISO K20) range. It exhibits excellent performance when machining a wide range of materials.

Hyperion H12F

Grade H12F offers greater edge toughness in operations requiring superior edge security and reliability.


Grade AF K40 UF is a consistent universal grade that offers high hardness, high bending strength, and high toughness.


Grade AF K20 CF offers high wear resistance.


Grade AF K34 EF offers a very high hardness. It is recommended for processing of high hardness materials (up to 60 HCR), high speed cutting, and dry chipping.


Grade AF K44 EF is characterized by both high hardness and high flexural strength.


Application Specific Series

This series includes specially engineered cemented tungsten carbides specifically formulated to offer exceptional performance for demanding applications. Each cemented carbide has been developed to deliver unparalleled results in challenging conditions. The series consists of the cemented carbide grades below. 

Carbide Grade

Grade Description

Hyperion AM50

Grade AM50 offers combination of high toughness and hardness to produce extraordinary edge sharpness that will not break down or chip in extreme heat conditions.

Hyperion AM60

Grade AM60 is an advanced substrate developed to increase machining productivity and performance for applications requiring chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond coating.

Hyperion AM70

Grade AM70 offers the perfect mix of toughness and wear resistance. It is recommended in applications where edge integrity is required to prevent corner chipping such as titanium and stainless steel materials.

Hyperion PN90

Grade PN90 offers exceptional performance when sharp edge profiles are required combined with high wear resistance while machining hardened steel (> HRC60) for mold and die applications.


Grade AF K10 UF is characterized by a very high wear resistance and is recommended for diamond-coating.


Grade AF K34 SF is a substrate that offers very high hardness and is suitable for processing materials in the hardness range >60 HRC and for cutting fiber materials.


Grade AF K41 UF offers outstanding wear and heat resistance. Its high toughness at medium hardness ensures excellent edge stability.


Grade AF K45 EF features high hardness as well as high torsial stiffness.


General Purpose Series

The general purpose series of cemented carbides has been developed to strike a balance between cost and performance. It is suitable for low volume or agile production where tool performance not always can be optimized.

Carbide Grade Grade Description

Hyperion GP10

Grade GP10 is an efficient and flexible solution, perfect for agile operations. Designed with a focus on optimizing cost while effectively tackling a range of applications.


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Did you know you can recycle your cemented carbide with Hyperion?  Visit our recycling page or contact us for details.