Grade Selection

Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures a full range of premium custom-made, near-net-shape, insert blanks. Our portfolio includes a comprehensive selection of cemented carbide and cermet grades for different metal cutting applications.


Primary Application Areas

Sub Application Areas

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Threading
  • Parting
  • Grooving
  • Reaming

Hyperion cemented carbide insert blanks


Applications Overview

Hyperion Grades Applications
H10F Benchmark cemented carbide grade that meets many application needs. Provides leading consistency and reliability in almost any application. Optimize with coatings and edge preparations for different applications in ISO P, M, K N, S 10-30 range. Excellent in thread turning and thread milling
AM50 Carbide grade with increased hardness with maintained good toughness. Optimized performance in hardened steel
MK10 High speed turning and threading carbide grade. High edge strength at elevated temperatures
DM80 Carbide grade with improved reliability in difficult applications. Promising performance in difficult to machine materials such as duplex stainless steel
H11N Economy carbide grade for shim seats/anvils for high strength and rigidity and as a carrier for PCD and PCBN tips
AM70 Carbide grade providing improved reliability in difficult applications. Optimized solution for milling ISO M materials like titanium alloys and duplex stainless steel
MP40 Reliable, traditional carbide grade for ISO P materials


A Hyperion product specialist is always available to help you with details on lead times, geometries, and grades.

Did you know you can recycling your cemented carbide with Hyperion?  Visit our recycling page or contact us for details.


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