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Hyperion Cemented carbide knife blank wear part

Hyperion Code: n/a

Dimensions: as per drawing/requested

Description: Cemented carbide blanks for pelletizing applications and manufactured to custom dimensions. Cemented carbide grades and designs are tailored to each customer based on individual needs and requirements.

Hyperion cutting component knife


Length (L): 50 to 320 mm

Width (W): 12 to 30 mm

Thickness (Th): 2.5 ~ 6 mm

Angle Range: 0 ~ 45º

Roughness Average (Ra): 0.2



Length (mm) Tolerances
Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
50 - 110 +0.4 / 0  +0.2 / 0 +0.2 / 0
110 - 320 +0.8 / 0 +0.5 / 0 +0.25 / 0



H6F, H10F, and H15F



Hyperion cutting component or knife


Threaded holes

Corrosion resistant grades 


Additional sizes, tolerances, cemented carbide grades, and quantities (e.g., tests) are available upon request.


Your Hyperion salesperson can offer their expertise in selecting the cemented carbide and wear part best suited to solve your needs.


Did you know you can recycle your cemented carbide with Hyperion?  Visit our recycling page or contact us for details.


*Cemented carbide is also known as solid carbide or tungsten carbide (WC).