Compax® - PCD

Hyperion Self-supported Compax PCD

Hyperion Code: Compax® 

Wire Material: Various

Description: Self-supported sub-micron die blanks manufactured from polycrystalline diamond (PCD) with an ultrafine grain microstructure available in sizes D-6 and D-12.

The unique material properties of Hyperion Materials & Technologies PCD provide very good abrasion resistance and the ability to achieve a high quality surface finish.



  • Brass-plated wire
  • Electrical wire
  • Fine finishing applications
  • Glass scribing
  • Sawing wire
  • Stainless steel
  • Tire cord
  • Welding wire.



ADDMA No. Nominal PCD Diameter x Thickness (mm) Metal Filled Thermally Stable Maximum Recommended Bore Size (mm)*
D6 3.1 x 1.00 5010-MFU 5010-TSU 05
D12 3.1 x 1.5 5015-MFU 5015-TSU 1.0


*Maximum recommended die size for nonferrous wire. Hard-ferrous wire die size normally should not exceed 65% of this diameter.


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*PCD is manufactured from synthetic diamond.