SynMic Diamond Powders


Hyperion Series: SynMic 1/2/4/6/8S/RBH 

Number of Products: 6 

Description: Full-line series of synthetic monocrystalline micron diamonds designed for lapping and polishing applications for nonferrous metals, ceramics, and natural and artificial stones. 

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SynMic is a full-line series of synthetic monocrystalline micron diamonds designed for lapping and polishing applications for nonferrous metals, ceramics, and natural and man-made stones. 

SynMic is predominately used for metal and electroplated bond tools, but it can be used in resin bond applications. We process each SynMic product from a blend of raw materials, each of which has been stringently tested to ensure its characteristics are within closely controlled parameters. 

At Hyperion Materials & Technologies, we develop and service a vast array of SynMic monocrystalline products. We, therefore, guarantee that the final product not only meets specifications but will do so every time we produce a batch. Discover our vast SynMic product applications. 


SynMic 1 

SynMic 1 is a tightly sized, jet-milled, non-standard “entry-level” monocrystalline micron ideal for large-volume applications such as lapping plates, stone polishing, and gem polishing. 


SynMic 2 

SynMic 2 is the standard jet-milled product with the most irregular particle shape and is considered economy grade. Designed predominately for use in metal bond and electroplated tools but also in some resin bond applications. 


SynMic 4 

SynMic 4 is another standard jet-milled product but with a slightly more regular shape and higher purity. In addition, with its unique feedstock material giving the micron a free-flowing quality, the SynMic 4 can be customized in various micron sizes. 


SynMic 6 

SynMic 6 contains a unique offering of the perfect shape-controlled micron diamond utilizing ball milling. It is considered the optimum product for PCD/PCBN cutting tool grinding, rough grinding, and fine grinding and is ideally suited for metal and electroplated tools; however, it will exhibit maximum life in vitrified bonded grinding wheels. 


SynMic 8S 

SynMic 8S is an extremely high-purity micron diamond (as low as 50 ppm for all elements measured) developed explicitly for synthesizing polycrystalline diamond cutters. 


SynMic RBH 

SynMic RBH is the resin bond version of the synthetic monocrystalline micron diamond. It is a high-performance economy grade processed from a resin bond and will have a darker color when compared to the SynMic 2, 6, and 8S products. It is available across the full-size range and available with a 56% electroless nickel cladding for sizes 10-20 microns. 


SynMic Size Chart

This product line is an expansion of our Hyperion Materials & Technologies Ireland offerings helping you find the right fit for your tool application. Contact your local Hyperion salesperson for expertise in selecting the micron diamond best suited to solve your needs. 

Hyperion also manufactures a range of CBN Mesh, micron CBN Powders, and high-quality mesh diamonds. 

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