Oil and Gas Components

Hyperion Materials & Technologies offers a wide range of products for drilling, completion, and flow control applications in the oil and gas industry

Hyperion Materials & Technologies has established capabilities to engineer and tailor cemented carbide (tungsten carbide (WC)) properties to offer high performance components and sub-assemblies to suit a wide range of applications in oil and gas industry. The experience of making flow control needle & seat, plug & cage, and sleeve & cage sub-assemblies with different materials, corresponding attachments, and finishing processes has enabled Hyperion to develop capabilities that can be applied to a range of products.

Hyperion oil and gas components and sub-assemblies Wear and corrosion resistant components in inlet control for well screens, valve, and seat sub-assemblies for downhole motors, seal rings, and bushings for rotary steerable systems and seats for pressure pumping are few examples of products we customize and supply. Hyperion is committed to offering high quality, reliability, and consistency in its products resulting in enhanced performance for you.



Product Groups

Drill Bits and Downhole Tools
Rotary Steerable Systems
Flow Control Valves

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