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Tool manufacturers need a competitive edge. Hyperion Materials & Technologies offers the world’s most extensive catalog of high-quality carbide materials. Let’s see what we can make together.

carbide rods

Our carbide rod offering includes:

Solid rods Coolant holes Twisted coolant holes
Hyperion's solid cemented carbide rods Hyperion's cemented carbide coolant rods with straight channels Hyperion's cemented carbide coolant rods with twisted channels

And much more, including: 

  • Tool blanks - drill, end mill, and semi-finished
  • Near-net-shape preforms
  • Imperial and metric sizes
  • Many grades for every application

Hyperion is your partner, not your competitor

We do not make tools – that’s your job, and you do it well. We can help you win by providing consistency, performance, and reliability. Our industry-leading products combine superior cemented carbide grades and dimensional precision that delivers the best results for your demanding machining.

Three series of carbide grades to meet your needs

Categorizing cemented carbides into these categories or series will help customers to select the optimal grades best suited for the end-use application. Hyperion offers a broad selection of grades within the three series, and selecting a grade from the most appropriate series, based on factors such as work-piece material, machining operation, and machine type, will have a major impact on results.

High Performance Series

Our premium high performance cemented carbides are uniquely designed to deliver an outstanding and reliable performance across a wide range of applications. This is due, in large part, to products in Hyperion’s High Performance Series being manufactured with exceptionally tight, industry leading specifications, delivering very consistent and repetitive behavior when machining.  These cemented carbides are the first choice for anyone looking to optimize tool life and cost in medium to large production volumes. Within the series, we offer the cemented carbide grades below.

Application Specific Series

This series includes specially engineered cemented tungsten carbides specifically formulated to offer exceptional performance for demanding applications. Each cemented carbide has been developed to deliver unparalleled results in challenging conditions. The series consists of the cemented carbide grades below. 

General Purpose Series

The general purpose series of cemented carbides has been developed to strike a balance between cost and performance. It is suitable for low volume or agile production where tool performance not always can be optimized.

Be sure to visit the Product Series and Grade section for more information.

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