Borazon® Micron CBN Powders

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Borazon® Micron CBN Powders

Hyperion Code: BMP I/400/500

Description: Uncoated microcrystalline CBN powders used extensively in fine grinding and as PCBN feedstocks.

Hyperion Code: BMP II/TI/400N/550Ti

Description: Coated microcrystalline CBN powders with exceptional thermal conductivity that provides improved surface integrity in the grinding of hardened alloy steels, tool steels, and nickel- and cobalt-based superalloys.

Description: Cubic boron nitride microcrystalline powders create exceptional thermal stability, self-sharpening, and grinding efficiency performance. It is used for lapping, honing, and polishing ferrous materials in automotive, aerospace, and scientific instruments. 


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